Virtual Reality – Meet The Future

Published Feb 2, 2018

What Is Virtual Reality?
A digital world that you ‘enter’ by putting a headset on your head so that you are completely immersed in the experience. In this new reality, the normal limitations to your experience are eliminated. You see in all directions. You visit another part of the world, feeling as if you were there. You connect to what you’re seeing in ways you’ve never experienced. What you can see, feel, and hear in VR today is only the beginning of what will be possible.

In just a few years, all you’ll need is a good internet connection to access a digital office that only exists in virtual reality. In this centralized location, your co-workers will meet to connect from across the world. Meetings will be held on beautiful beaches or in extravagant offices of oil barons. Whiteboarding with your engineer who is half-way across the world will be easy. Everything can be done completely online, from the comfort of your home. Or coffee shop. The company could potentially save money by reducing or eliminating their physical office space. Some of those savings could even be used to bring everyone to one location each year to celebrate some milestone. Talk about team building.

With virtual reality, the possibilities are endless. Eventually, virtual reality technology will further expand what we once thought only the body and mind could feel, perceive, and experience.

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Can I Feel Virtual Reality?
You can kinda feel VR. The sense of ‘feeling’ is common with virtual reality content. You don’t even need something to give you a physical sensation. You just feel it – likely having to do with the visual experience.

The leading virtual reality headsets today have varying degrees of haptic feedback controllers / hardware that produces the physical sensations of ‘being there’, though the technology is limited, buggy, prototype only, or expensive. In the next few years, the bugs will be fixed, infrastructure built, some prototypes will go to manufacturing, and economies of scale will bring expenses down while increasing quality. This will deliver a whole new phase of multi-sensor VR (ie not just visual and audio). Haptic gloves to feel the weight of an object you pick up, a haptic harness & suspension system to simulate jumping and movement, a haptic treadmill to allow you to walk while it simulates different terrains, a haptic bodysuit which could make getting shot in VR be ‘felt’ without the deadly force, and a sense machine that emits scents to match your environment such as being able to smell a crackling fire. Because it is a completely immersive experience and the reality of the world around you fades away, Virtual Reality offers new possibilities never before possible.

Can I Get Hurt In Virtual Reality?
Virtual reality has sometimes caused people to not feel nauseous. This is largely due to the technology not fully catching up yet, so in a few years this should be even less common. What happens is the video that is required to power the virtual reality that you see is huge. It requires a lot of computer processing power. When the rig doesn’t get what it needs, the video becomes choppy. The choppiness can cause some people to nauseous.

To answer this another way, it’s not like a dream where if you die in the dream you die in real life. Virtual reality is more like a big game. You can make mistakes as you get better. You won’t get hurt. Though it is important to be safe while using your VR system. Make sure you have a clear, designated space so that no one runs into you and you don’t trip.

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