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World Cup 2018 Virtual Reality Rentals

Watch the World Cup in VR. We rent the Oculus Go for $10/day, and you can use your TV subscription credentials to watch the World Cup in the Fox Sports VR App. For $10, we’ll drop off an Oculus Go virtual reality headset to you between 2pm and 10pm the day before the game, and we’ll pick it up between 2pm and 10pm the day of the game. If you have questions about logging in and getting set-up, we’ll walk you through it.


San Francisco, Oakland, and Bay Area (California) gets free delivery. If you’re not in the Bay Area, place your orders soon so that we have enough time to get it in the mail. Shipping is extra.

1 Oculus Go
Per Day

Frequently Asked Questions

What if the World Cup is over?
You can still rent virtual reality headset from us! Send us a note, and let us know what you’re looking for!

How do I rent vr headset?
Send us a message in our contact us section about your vr headset rental. Or call us. Or email us. Just reach out, and we’ll get you set-up with your headset rental!

Once I rent a headset, what happens?
Book your vr rental, and tell us that you want to watch the World Cup with our Oculus Go rental. We’ll pre-load the Fox Sports VR App so all you’ll need to do is go to the Oculus Go Library, choose the Fox Sports app, login with your TV subscription, and you’ll be watching the game. Takes only a few minutes to set-up. We recommend you set this up the night before the game so that you can wake-up and enjoy the game stress-free.

I don’t live in the San Francisco Oakland Bay Area, will you ship it to me?
Of course. Just make sure you give us enough time for shipping since that costs extra. You wouldn’t want your virtual reality rental to be late!

Does watching the game require internet?
Yes. The Fox Sports App requires a high speed internet connection for the best experience with your vr headset rental.

Do I need to have a cable subscription?
Yes. You need to login to the Fox Sports VR App with your cable subscription credentials. This is not included in our vr rental package.

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