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Virtual Reality 360 movies are stunning, and a virtual reality theater allows your entire audience to enjoy the experience at the same time. Our partners provide the synchronized screening hardware, software, and set-up on top of all the equipment and labor. All for an affordable price.

Virtual Reality VR Theater

We break everyone into teams of 4 to play Keep Talking & Nobody Explodes, a fun communications game that’s perfect for team building. One team member puts on the Oculus Go VR headset and they see a virtual bomb in front of them. The other 3 team members use a printed manual. Together, they must decipher the clues to diffuse the bomb! We keep track of the team who diffused the bomb and they win an extra 15 min session with the Oculus Rift headsets.

After every team has had one turn at playing the team-building game, we rotate each group of 4 to the Oculus Rift station for a 15 minute free play with Beat SaberSpace Pirate Trainer, or another Oculus Rift experience you think would be awesome for your team.

What if I don’t know where to start?
Once you submit your information, our partners are happy to walk you through your vr rental. Our partners have done over hundreds of screenings for thousands of people, and they’ve learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t. Feel free to ask them questions to test their knowledge or to learn more about the VR Theater virtual reality rental.

Our parters offer affordable Oculus Go rental rates. You can always rent vr headset for a short period to get a feel for how this works and what you’ll receive.
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What is a virtual reality synchronized screening theater?
A virtual reality synchronized screening is when 2 or more VR headsets play the same 360-video at the same time from a centralized remote. Because each VR device can play the video separately, it requires specific software and specially-trained on-site staff to operate a VR synchronized screening theater.
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Why don’t you use the Oculus Rift for a VR Theater?
When screening a passive experience such as a 360-video, the Oculus Go rental is your best option. It is cordless, mobile, battery-powered, and completely self-contained. The Oculus Rift rental is more expensive (at least 5X), requires a computer with wires and constant power, much more space and best-case 3X the staff.

Our partners would be happy to discuss your exact vr headset rental requirements. For a 360-video, your best bet is the Oculus Go rental.
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How does the synchronized screening work?
You send our partner a 360-video for them to test. If it already works on a VR headset, then there should be no issues. Our partners can pre-load each VR device with your video and our software. On-site they will help prepare the space, connect each device to internet, and when ready, start the screening.
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Is our internet connection strong enough?
You don’t need a high speed internet connection for each device since the software doesn’t stream the video to the VR headsets. Instead, a ‘play’ signal is sent to each headset, requiring only a small amount of data, and then the video (pre-loaded on the device) will begin to play.

The biggest question to answer is whether your internet set-up can handle all of the devices. An off-the-shelf router can typically only handle 30 connections at a time whereas commercial ones can be configured to reach 250 at each access point. Please ask your IT administrator if you aren’t sure. If you don’t have an internet set-up that meets our requirements, please take a look at “What if we don’t have internet?”
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What if we don’t have internet?
Our partners do not require internet for our synchronized screenings, but there is an extra fee. This is because they will have to set-up special routers with software pre-installed to connect all of the devices. The more devices you want connected, the higher the technology needs are for the router configuration. Our partners will be happy to chat with you.
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What’s the biggest theater you can create?
Our partners can build a theater as big as your venue can handle. The primary constraint is the number of devices you can connect to the internet simultaneously.
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Why do I need 2 or 3 people to run the VR theater?
Virtual reality is still new technology, and your theater may be the first time many people have tried VR. It’s common, despite giving detailed instructions, that several people will knock their device out of the settings required to play the video. The on-site staff will do immediate troubleshooting to keep the theater moving smoothly. Of the hundreds of screenings our partners have run, every single one required at least some troubleshooting for everyone to have a great experience.
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What if I want to run the theater all day?
No problem. Our partners have run a VR theater for 8 hours straight with screenings every 20 minutes (for a 6 min video). Just tell us in the form what you’re looking for.
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How do you keep the headsets clean?
Our partners customize our sanitation solution for each event. Keeping the headsets clean is important, especially if multiple people will be using the same headset throughout the day.
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Where will you travel to bring a VR theater to me?
Yes! Our partners are US-based, so traveling in the US is not an issue. If you want us to travel internationally, let us know. Add a note in the contact section.
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