Virtual Reality Kids Birthday

Kids love virtual reality. We bring kid-friendly virtual reality games that will turn any birthday party into the most talked about event for your kid and his/her friends.

Virtual Reality Kids Birthday Playing Games


2 hours

5 Oculus Go
1 On-Site Staff

10 Oculus Go for $600

We bring 10+ kid-friendly games including popular multiplayer games such as Blaze Rush and Panzer Panic so that everyone can enjoy – either in a group or individually. Want an experience, not on our list? No problem. Just let us know.

For the best experience, we recommend that each headset is used with a spinning chair. Since you have a full 360 view in virtual reality, it’s common whip your neck around which is non-ideal. Spinning in a chair is much safer and way more fun! If you need us to bring spinning chairs ($20/chair), just let us know.

What virtual reality games and experiences are available?
We have a list of games that we bring in a convenient Google Doc. One of the big favorites is the Merry Woodlands Snowball game. It’s easy to pick up, and tons of fun to play. We’re happy to add/remove games and experiences that you prefer – just let us know. There are a lot of great experiences available for the Oculus Go.
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How many people can play with your standard 5 headsets in 2 hours?
We seat each person (kids and adults) separately and show them how to use the controls. It takes a couple minutes. Then, you get about 10-15 minutes. In 2 hours with 5 headsets, we can typically accommodate 30 people one time or 15 people two times each. If you have more people, we should talk about more headsets.
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How easy is it to use VR?
Virtual reality is pretty intuitive, especially the Oculus Go. You use a hand controller that has only a couple buttons to interact with the various VR experiences that we provide. We do a personal one-on-one quick tutorial when we set-up each person in their headset for the first time. By the second time, you can usually do it yourself and most kids insist on doing it themselves.
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Where can I host a VR birthday?
Anywhere with cover from sun and rain since both can cause damange to the headsets. The headsets stay charged for 3+ hours, and we can bring portable power (batteries and battery-powered generators – extra cost) to make sure your party last as long as you’d like.
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Do I need internet?
No. When you rent vr headset from us, we download all of the experiences on your vr headset rental ahead of time. If you want us to add an experience or game that requires internet, we can talk about those details when we customize your order.
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What do I need to do prepare or bring?
We require spinning stools or chairs for each headset. It prevents neck strain since you can spin around rather than move your neck to see / take action in the VR experience. You’re welcome to bring your own. We rent our chair (or stool) for $20/each.
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How do you keep the VR headsets clean between uses?
We bring sanitation wipes with us to clean each headset between uses. In general, the headsets don’t get too dirty, but we aim to provide a clean experience so as not to spoil the fun.
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What’s the age limit for using the Oculus Go?
Official age for Oculus Go is 13+. As the Washington Post notes, “[o]fficially, the Oculus Go is for ages 13 and up, to protect children from potentially inappropriate online social activity, the company says.” With that said, VR is a new technology, and there aren’t a lot of health studies on the effects yet. We recommend that you do a little more research if you have any reservations.
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Would you travel to bring this to my birthday?
Sure thing! We offer free delivery/set-up in the San Francisco, Oakland, and Bay Area (California). We also love to travel, especially to Texas and New York where our team grew up and lived for 20+ years each. We’d ask you to cover some of our expenses, but we’d be willing to bring 3 more headsets to help offset the extra expenses. If you’re international and willing to cover our travel and equipment shipping, we’d be open to putting an amazing event together for you.
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