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Oculus Go Instructions

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Last Update: Sat, Jan 5, 2019

The Oculus Go is an amazing piece of technology, but it has a learning curve. With a little instruction, most people can start using their Oculus Go like a pro within minutes.

Below are a few high level Oculus Go virtual reality headset instructions. A few of the instructions are specific to eTech Rentals’ equipment (we set it up for you), while most of the info is useful for anyone wanting to use an Oculus Go.

Turn on the headset

Holding the power button on top of the Oculus Go (in the center) for a few seconds. When you see the Oculus ‘O’ in the headset, then the power-on cycle has begun. It typically takes 1-2 minutes for the headset to turn on.


The Oculus Go volume is adjusted with two buttons on top of the headset (on the left when wearing headset). If you’re using headphones, put the Oculus Go headset on first.


Make sure that your headset and controller have matching numbers. Controllers will not work with other headsets.


Connect to internet by going to the main Library menu and navigating to the Settings -> Wifi. Connect to your internet. This will require your Wifi password (if you have one).

Games & Experiences

Put your Oculus Go headset on, and look at the menu at the bottom of the screen. If you don’t see a menu, click the Oculus button on your controller (versus the ‘Back’ button). Check out the available experiences by going to the Library -> ‘My Apps’. You can move through pages to see more of the apps/games available. You can also see apps that haven’t been downloaded. Feel free to download something if you’d like.

Oculus Go Controller

Get comfortable with your controller before you put on the headset. Use the trigger when you want to select something. The control pad allows you to both click and swipe – useful in some experiences. The two raise buttons are the back and the Oculus button (bottom one). Both can take you out of an app, though some apps respond differently to each button. The Oculus button (bottom one) is more common. You can also hold the Oculus button to reset your view.

Battery Life

The Oculus Go can typically work for 2-3 hours on a full charge. You can find the battery icon when looking at the home menu in your Oculus Go to see the battery status. It’s on the far right. It takes about 90 minutes to go from dead to a full charge, so plan accordingly.

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