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eTech Rentals streamlines your entire virtual reality event planning experience. Our expert customer service starts when we learn more about your event and goals to customize a virtual reality rental with different vr headsets and experiences. Whether we deliver/ship and set-up or help run the VR station at your event, we will be by your side to make the entire experience as flawless as possible.

Virtual Reality VR Theater Setup

We’re Your

With our expert team, we customize your VR rental to maximize your client’s budget. More importantly, when things don’t go as expected, you can rely on us to help troubleshoot and solve the problem. There are times when challenges unavoidable, but it is important to us that we prepare properly to minimize the avoidable errors and prepare for the unavoidable ones. As your vr rental partner, we are on standby to help as needed so that you can focus on a successful event.

High Quality
Customer Service

We love helping our clients achieve their goals, and it shows with our high quality customer service. We’re happy to take the time to answer every question that you have, whether it is before, during or after the event. Once the equipment is in your hands, we’ll help you with the initial set-up. Either in-person or over the phone, we’ll get you feeling comfortable with your vr rental quickly as we go through our standard set-up and troubleshooting. If you have any issues during the rental, just give us a call, and we’ll help you quickly.

Best VR Rental Price

We’re proud to offer some of the lowest prices in the entire vr rental space for our clients and customers. We hope that our competitive prices inspire you to unleash your creativity.

In addition, our low price gives you room to re-brand and apply an additional fee. We ask that your fee for our VR rental not be more than 20% of the total VR rental cost to the client. If you have any questions, we’re happy to talk about it.

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VR Headset Branding

Our vr rentals come with a eTech Rentals sticker (includes our phone number so anyone can call for support). We offer the ability to customize the branding the headset or to simply have no branding.

Please know that we use a specific sticker that has a cleanable residue which can withstand the heat from the VR headsets and other equipment.

Visionary RentalsFREE
No Branding$10/device
Custom Branding$20/device
+ sticker printing

The pricing is per device. This means that an Oculus Rift + Laptop rental would have 2 devices (rather than 1) with branding – the headset and the laptop.

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