Samsung Gear VR

5 Amazing Games for Samsung Gear VR

Published Wed, Mar 27, 2018

Samsung is among the biggest players in virtual reality. With its mobile VR headset, the Samsung Gear VR is somewhere in-between the more basic experience of Google Daydream and the premium platforms like HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

Here are some great games to get you started.

Smash Hit

Smash Hit VR

Smash Hit VR existed originally as a fun mobile game. In VR, the game is much more exciting as you immerse yourself in non-stop action, smashing every obstacle on your path. The game takes you around the world, beginning with a ball that can be hurled at glass panels. As you move through bizzare-looking rooms, you level up by throwing balls to break glass panes and carvings scattered along the way.

Though the game begins with easy tasks and is quite fun, it becomes gradually more difficult and faster as you advance to smash increasingly more glass panels.

Anyone can pick this game up. The question is, will you want to put it down?

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes VR

VR might shut you off from the outside world, but it doesn’t have to be a completely solitary experience. In fact, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes might be the most hilarious example yet of how to put that awkward scenario to brilliant use. It has you assuming the role of a “bomb defuser” who’s forced to disarm an explosive within an ultra-tight timeframe.

You look at a bomb created randomly using wires and buttons with your headset firmly in place, while your real-life buddies examine a printed guide through which they instruct you on how to defuse a bomb invisible to them. The idea is you remain in the game for as long as you’re able to keep solving each puzzle that comes your way within the time given.

This game is both challenging and hilarious and it’s got plenty of replayability given that the configuration of every bomb is randomly generated.

Minecraft Gear VR

Minecraft Gear VR

In the Samsung Gear VR version of Minecraft you get to build all kinds of amazing things, come face-to-face with sworn enemies, and have fun with the wide world from an entirely different point of view.

Minecraft Gear VR brings this world-renowned game into a new dimension that feels familiar immediately. At a price that won’t burn a hole in your pocket, it gives you non-stop exploration and crafting as soon as you press play.

Playing in first-person is fascinating but it can sometimes overwhelm. Therefore a tap of the touchpad can take you to a windowed view where you get to play the game on a TV inside a pixelated lodge.

Land’s End

Lands End VR

Land’s End is among the most beloved games available on the Samsung Gear VR. With its Oceanside setting that will definitely blow your mind away, it shows just how amazing virtual reality can engage and transform a viewer’s gaming experience with a mobile headset.

The unending puzzles, fluid movement, and soothing visuals work perfectly together to produce an experience that competes well with many of the best games on the more advanced platforms. This is definitely a must-play for game lovers with a Samsung Gear VR.

It was built by the team behind Monument Valley, the stunning mobile puzzler with a panoramic, beautiful terrain. Land’s End is a great delight for any game lover. It creates a perfect atmosphere in the calming, natural terrain, and it has more than enough suspense to keep you moving ahead to each new milestone.

Eve: Gunjack

Eve Gunjack VR

Imagine a visually stunning pilot’s view of Galaga combined with spaceships from the Eve universe, and you can imagine why this game is so addicting. As far as shooting planes in space is concerned, don’t look anywhere else.

In Gunjack, you leap into your self-contained weapons platform, grab your guns and ward off attacks from enemy ships ready to shoot down your mining station and anything else standing in their way. Your primary task is to shoot everything that moves.

The levels become increasingly difficult as you unlock new weapons to destroy the enemy, in this riveting, fast-moving, arcade game, that keeps you glued to your seat the whole time. Gunjack is a must-play for game lovers looking for immersive, action-packed gameplay on VR.

Try Virtual Reality

If you’re like most people who haven’t tried Virtual Reality, then you don’t know what you’re missing. While we can tell you about some amazing games, and we will, like most things in life, you have to experience it for yourself. We offer affordable ways to rent virtual reality for as low as $25/day. You can also go to Microsoft stores for free 5 minute demos


Health & Safety

It is key to remember that there is limited research on the effects of virtual reality. So be safe, and remember, don’t spend more time in Virtual Reality than you feel comfortable. Five to ten minutes at a time is great for most people. Others are good after an hour. Be mindful of your eyes and don’t overstrain yourself.