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The MacBook Pro is one of the leading laptops on the market today. Built with up to 512 GB of storage, a 13.3-inch display, and terrific battery life. The MacBook Pro is perfect for you, whether you are a teacher, a presenter, or a businessperson.

Let’s start with the technical bits. The MacBook Pro is about 12 inches wide and 8.3 inches long while only being 0.6 inches tall. The machine only weighs three pounds! That is not to say that the MacBook Pro is not a powerhouse; it comes with one of the best chips on the market today; whether the apple M1 or Intel 10th-generation i5. As mentioned, the MacBook Pro features a 13.3-inch retina display.

As far as software goes, the MacBook Pro currently supports macOS Big Sur, the latest new rendition of macOS that brings more power than ever to this device. The MacBook Pro also comes with many of Apple’s apps built-in–apps like GarageBand, Keynote, Numbers, and iMovie.

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MacBook Pro Rentals

1. App Development

As Apple continues to grow in the laptop/desktop market, the amount of people wanting functional apps for macOS is only going to grow. Whenever showcasing a new app at a conference or an event, it is important to show the attendees that your app does indeed work. What better way to do this than to rent MacBook pro? By having MacBook Pro at your presentation, you can have demos for your app available for the populace to interact with–allowing you to gain insightful and valuable feedback. As the new lineup of Apple products continues to launch itself ahead of competitors and skyrocket into the future, it is important for you as an app developer to be able to test this and evaluate what changes need to be made to your program. Naturally, you would not want to buy an Apple computer just to test your program for each update; by renting Macbook Pro, you now have a valuable asset that can be used when you need it. 

2. Team Projects

To build team cohesion, it can be useful to have your team work on projects together as a group. Whenever you as a team manager are trying to build cohesion among your unit, it can be valuable to have a system of interconnected devices that allows your team to function and communicate on levels unreachable if everyone uses their own individual electronics. The MacBook Pro perfectly fills both rolls. All of Apple’s devices connect very well with each other–giving you that team unity–and the MacBook Pro delivers rapid processing speeds and highly sophisticated graphics–making that project look absolutely stunning. Of course, it is really expensive to buy a MacBook Pro for everyone on your team: this is where we come in. If you rent MacBook Pro, you can use it for that team project, and then return it when the task is complete. This way you do not spend needless amounts of company assets and you can still get the benefits of your team using Macbook Pro.

3. Presentation
Whenever giving a presentation at an event, for the board of directors, or any other large and/or important audience, it is very useful to have a reliable machine upon which you can deliver your exhibition. If you are traveling a long distance and you do not want to risk bringing your own computer (or you only own a desktop), rent Macbook Pro lets you take your presentation with you. In addition to its portability, the MacBook Pro comes equipped with many useful applications such as numbers and keynote that allow you to create a smooth and polished address. The MacBook pro is the best match for any business person, spokesperson, or host who wants to give a masterful and well-respected lecture. All of the features of the MacBook Pro make it the ideal presentation machine–it is light, has a lot of storage, is slim, has a wonderful retina screen, and has a very long battery life. Because of its features and the flexibility a rental offers, renting a MacBook Pro is the obvious choice for anyone wanting to create and give a stunning presentation.

Disinfecting Equipment

Before each use, we thoroughly disinfect our iPhone 11 rental equipment using bacteria- and virus-killing solutions. We follow guidelines presented by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) to ensure that you as a consumer are kept safe and provide our products’ longevity. When equipment is returned, it is given an in-depth examination for damage and is re-sanitized using the process mentioned above. And thus, the cycle continues. If you have any questions about the sanitation process, please do not hesitate to inform your sales rep or let us know via our contact us form.

COVID-19 Notice

In response to COVID-19, we’ve re-confirmed with all of our partners that they thoroughly clean and disinfect each piece of equipment prior to shipping it our customers. It’s been standard operating procedure for eTech Rentals to carefully prepare every item that we ship for the best experience possible. In addition to shipping ready-to-use and clean equipment, we encourage you to also take some extra precautions. When possible, do not share equipment. This may require renting more than you anticipated, but it will increase the safety of all participants. If do choose share equipment, please thoroughly clean all components that have shared contact. This would be the faceplate for the VR headset and the keyboard for a laptop. When cleaning, please do not use alcohol or other chemicals on the VR lenses as this can cause damage. If you have any questions about how to keep the equipment clean, please ask the sales rep when you speak with them.

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