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Rentals as low as $50/day for some incredible hardware with discounts offered for weekly and monthly rentals. These rentals are an affordable option for app developers, event planners, and film festivals to scale up their devices for a short period. If you would like on-site staff, fill out our Event form.

iPhone Rental Options

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iPhone 11
iPhone 11
As low as
$50 / Day

iPhone 11 Pro Max
iPhone 11 Pro Max
As low as
$85 / Day

COVID-19 Notice

In response to COVID-19, we’ve re-confirmed with all of our partners that they thoroughly clean and disinfect each piece of equipment prior to shipping it our customers. It’s been standard operating procedure for eTech Rentals to carefully prepare every item that we ship for the best experience possible. In addition to shipping ready-to-use and clean equipment, we encourage you to also take some extra precautions. When possible, do not share equipment. This may require renting more than you anticipated, but it will increase the safety of all participants. If do choose share equipment, please thoroughly clean all components that have shared contact. This would be the faceplate for the VR headset and the keyboard for a laptop. When cleaning, please do not use alcohol or other chemicals on the VR lenses as this can cause damage. If you have any questions about how to keep the equipment clean, please ask the sales rep when you speak with them.

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Rentals: Our partners prepare your rental so that you receive everything on your rental start date. You'll receive an email with shipment tracking info when your package is shipped.

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Rentals: Use the prepaid shipping label to return the package via FedEx Ground or USPS Priority Mail.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Apple iPhone Rental?
For us, an iPhone rental is simple. You pay a fee to rent Apple iPhone for a few days. Then, return the equipment with our prepaid shipping label.
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How much does Apple iPhone cost?
If you’d like to buy an iPhone, we offer convenient links to Amazon to make things easy. The iPhone 11 cost is $599 for 64GB and $649 for 128GB. The iPhone 11 Pro Max cost is $849.

Apple iPhone rental cost varies based on the retail price of the rental, how much equipment you rent, and the length of your rental. If you’re trying to figure out which Apple product, Apple cost, or other product / cost makes sense for you, please take a look at our rental product pages.
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What’s the difference between an iPhone 11 rental and an iPhone 11 Pro Max rental?
The iPhone Pro Max and the iPhone 11 both share many similarities, but there are also a few characteristics that the iPhone 11 lacks that set the phones apart. The iPhone 11 Pro Max features more durable construction, a longer-lasting battery, and a larger, better display.
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How much does shipping cost?
Shipping will be quoted to you along with your rental. Our partners have bulk-shipping rates which give you the best price available. If you have your own FedEx or UPS account number, our partners are happy to use that as well.
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What else does eTech Rentals rent?
Good question. eTech Rentals doesn’t rent the equipment. We’ve partnered with established companies to offer these services. We pass along your information to these partners.

With that said, our partners rent the Oculus Go, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Vive Pro, Gear VR, VR Laptops, and other VR hardware.

In addition, our partners also include the Apple iPad Pro, the Apple iPhone 11, and the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max in their lineup.

In addition, they rent other equipment including 50” HD TVs, 40” HD TVs, and other electronic equipment for general use and conference rentals.
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Can I customize my own iPhone rental package?
Of course. Our partners are happy to discuss what you’re looking for and tailor an iPhone rental package to your needs.
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How does an Apple iPhone rental work?
Tell us that you would like to rent Apple iPhone by filling out our rental form.

We’ll send your rental request to one of our partners who will reach out to you to confirm your rental. If you have any changes you’d like to make, they would be happy to make them.

Once you make payment and store your payment method on file, your rental will be reserved. Our partner will send you an email with your tracking info once your iPhone rental has been shipped.
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How do eTech Rentals’ partners keep the Apple iPhone clean?
Our partners use a variety of cleaning solutions in between rentals to keep the phones clean and in good condition.
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Will you bring iPhone to me?
Yes! Our partners are US-based, so traveling and shipping equipment in the US is not an issue. If you want us to ship internationally or travel internationally, let us know. Add a note in the contact section.
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