eTech Rentals is a lead generator for virtual reality events and rentals company (as of Sept 2019). While we operated as a rental and events business, our hardware powered over 10,000 VR demos and screenings for 100+ events and rentals throughout the US.

eTech Rentals has single-unit rentals available for Oculus Go, Oculus Rift, and Oculus Quest. Additionally, add VR-Ready laptops to any order. In addition to single-unit rentals, we offered VR Arcade, VR Team Building, and VR Birthday packages, including a wide assortment of VR hardware and experiences to delight everyone.

Adding Virtual Reality experiences to any occasion creates an entertaining experience for your guests. So whether you just learned about VR and want to try it out for a few days, are looking for a fun and interactive party addition, or showcase your latest experience to 200+ people.