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5G is the fifth generation of broadband cellular networks. Unlike previous 4G, 5G is able to handle larger and more demanding devices such as laptops and desktop computers, in addition to cell phones. As of right now, 4G rarely offers internet speeds reaching 1 gigabit/second, while 5G can offer up to 1.8 Gbit/second! This allows users to do much quicker what others on 4G networks are trying to do, whether it be gaming, surfing the web, or working.

The ability to connect up to 30 devices on a high-speed connection is invaluable for those who are constantly moving around or in remote offices. Of course, all that is null if anyone can hack in; that is why the Inseego 5G MiFi M2000 includes enterprise-grade security, including VPN passthrough, to protect your data.

You may decide that the cost makes more sense when you buy instead of rent. No worries. That’s why we offer convenient purchase links.

5G WiFi Hotspot Rentals

1. Events

If you are running an event, whether it be a small school fair of a larger app showcase, it makes sense to have an internet connection for it. If you are running a large event, there may be too many people to run on a portable wifi router, but you certainly could hook up all of the devices being used to run the show. Having all of your devices on the same internet connection increases the speed at which they communicate with each other and the seamlessness of the event. With up to 30 devices able to connect and the ability to connect literally anything with wifi–laptop, pc, tablets, phone, you name it–it just makes sense to rent 5G hotspot for your event. For example, say you are showcasing a new app that has been developed, and it requires an internet connection to work. You can connect all the showcase devices (for example, phones and tablets) to our portable wifi router, and they will all seamlessly work and you won’t have to worry about the internet failing. The fact that it is 5G is icing on the cake. Not only is your event connected to a private and secure internet source, it is connected to the fastest broadband internet available. 

2. Conferences

Across the globe, internet speed is not static. From one place to the next, it can change drastically. If you are organizing a business trip or conference, you don’t want the headache of slow internet speed. This is where the 5G hotspot rental comes in. If you rent a hotspot, all of a sudden, you do not have to worry if the office or building you will be working in has a slow internet connection; you will always be connected to–literally–the fastest broadband in the world. What is really great about this particular wifi rental is that you can connect up to 30 devices at one time; now, your whole team can be connected for the entire conference and you won’t have to worry about slow connections bogging down the meeting. Naturally, renting a portable wifi router only makes sense if you are in an area with 5g coverage; however, as of right now, most major metropolitan areas in the U.S. support 5G. This includes cities like Boston, New York City, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, and Houston. Of course, this list is incomplete, and it is only going to get longer as time goes on, making renting a 5G portable wifi router for conferences more and more cost-effective and practical.

3. On the Move

According to the U.S. Travel Association, citizens of the U.S. logged almost two billion personal trips in 2019. Whenever people travel, the item they’re usually most concerned about is their electronic device(s). We double- and triple-check to make sure our tablets and laptops are in the suitcase, and our phones are in our pocket; however, what many people do not consider is whether or not their travel destination has wifi or internet their devices can connect to. If they rent a wifi hotspot though, that ceases to be a problem. Now there is just one thing less to add onto the several-item-long travel checklist. With a wifi rental, you can ensure that no matter where you travel, you will always be connected to the internet–so you can upload those breathtaking photos, look up local cuisine, and watch funny cat videos. This same princi-ple applies if you are just traveling around a city with a group of people. It can be a hassle to try and connect to that small cafe’s wifi; with a %G rental, you and your companions can travel al over the city without worry of losing internet connection, all while being connected to the fastest internet available.

If you are doing a 5G wifi hotspot rental, why not also rent some devices also? We offer Apple iPhones, iPad Pro, or Macbook! You can learn more on our Apple Rentals page.

Disinfecting Equipment

Before each use, we thoroughly disinfect our iPhone 11 rental equipment using bacteria- and virus-killing solutions. We follow guidelines presented by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) to ensure that you as a consumer are kept safe and provide our products’ longevity. When equipment is returned, it is given an in-depth examination for damage and is re-sanitized using the process mentioned above. And thus, the cycle continues. If you have any questions about the sanitation process, please do not hesitate to inform your sales rep or let us know via our contact us form.

COVID-19 Notice

In response to COVID-19, we’ve re-confirmed with all of our partners that they thoroughly clean and disinfect each piece of equipment prior to shipping it our customers. It’s been standard operating procedure for eTech Rentals to carefully prepare every item that we ship for the best experience possible. In addition to shipping ready-to-use and clean equipment, we encourage you to also take some extra precautions. When possible, do not share equipment. This may require renting more than you anticipated, but it will increase the safety of all participants. If do choose share equipment, please thoroughly clean all components that have shared contact. This would be the faceplate for the VR headset and the keyboard for a laptop. When cleaning, please do not use alcohol or other chemicals on the VR lenses as this can cause damage. If you have any questions about how to keep the equipment clean, please ask the sales rep when you speak with them.

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