Visionary Rentals is a virtual reality events and rentals company. Our hardware powered over 10,000 VR demos and screenings for 70+ events and rentals throughout the US in 2018. Our single-unit rental for the Oculus Go, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive is consistently the most competitive price on the market. VR-Ready laptops can be added to the order, and we offer big discounts for longer rentals.

In addition to single-unit rentals, our VR Arcade, VR Team Building, and VR Birthday packages include a wide assortment of VR hardware and experiences to delight everyone.

We are here to make your Virtual Reality experience flawless and amazing, whether you just learned about VR and want to try it out for a few days, are looking for a fun and interactive party addition, or showcasing your latest experience to 200+ people.


Elliot Koss is the Founder/CEO of Visionary Rentals. During the course of his 10+ years as a Product Manager at a FinTech start-up (LendUp), Data Analyst at Apple, Project Manager at BBC America, Strategy & Operations Manager at Palisades Tartan (film distribution), and Founder of Entertainment Hound and TechMBA, Elliot has built a career working with various rental models (movies, operational equipment, and money lending). Elliot graduated from Columbia Business School and New York University.