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Our recent Gear VR rental from Visionary Rentals was an excellent overall experience for our launch at Virtual Medicine Conference. A fast response time, amazing personalized customer service, and clean equipment for our trade show.
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Rent Virtual Reality Hardware

Oculus Go Headset
Oculus Go

$10 / Day
The Oculus Go is one of the most comfortable ways to experience VR around, and it's also the least expensive way to access Facebook's Oculus platform which has thousands of games and experiences ready to enjoy. The Oculus Go was launched May 1, 2018 at Facebook's F8 Developer Conference. Be one of the first people to experience it.
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Oculus Rift Headset
Oculus Rift

$25 / Day
The Oculus Rift is one of the premiere virtual reality rigs. Your rental comes with the Oculus Rift headset, 2 Touch VR controllers, and 2 Oculus Sensors. Please note that this rig alone will NOT create your VR experience. You will also need a computer that meets the Oculus Rift computer requirements.
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Samsung Gear VR
Samsung Gear VR

$25 / Day
Our most common virtual reality rig rental is the Samsung Gear VR. It comes with a Samsung Galaxy S7 phone, and is ready to use right out of the box. It's completely mobile (no wires or computer to plug in), and the compact size makes it easy to take anywhere. Each rig has 10+ games, movies, and experiences pre-loaded, and we're happy to customize the content upon request.
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Lenovo Legion Laptop
Oculus Rift-Ready Laptop

$50 / Day
Oculus Rift has specific requirements that you should double-check to ensure that your equipment works. Our Oculus Rift-ready laptop comes ready to play. We'll even download the games for you ahead of time. Just let us know when we confirm your rental.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is virtual reality?
Virtual reality is a digital world that you ‘enter’ by putting a headset on your head so that you are completely immersed in the experience. In this new reality, the normal limitations oto your experience are eliminated. You see in all directions. You visit another part of the world, feeling as if you were there. You connect to what you’re seeing in ways you’ve never experienced. What you can see, feel, and hear in virtual today is only the beginning of what will be possible.

What is a virtual reality rental?
For us, a vr rental is simple. You pay a fee to rent vr headset for a few days. That fee should be nowhere near the cost of buying a virtual reality headset. Even with our expert help setting things up, our Oculus Go rental starts at $10/day (plus shipping) and our Oculus Rift rental starts at $75/day (including headset, laptop - shipping extra).

If you’ve been searching a while, you probably know that when you rent virtual reality headset, you wind up paying a LOT of money for little service. Not with our prices and expert service.

What’s the difference between an Oculus Go rental and an Oculus Rift rental?
Our Oculus Go rental includes an Oculus Go headset, controller, headphones, and charging cables in a carry case. The Oculus Go headset can come pre-loaded with some amazing games that you can select. All of these experiences are considered Stationary Virtual Reality.

Stationary VR is a type of experience that allows you to move your head to see the 360 degree world around in virtual reality, but physically moving doesn’t change your position in VR. This is a great way to experience VR comfortably. Since you don’t have to move or stand, we recommend you use a comfortable swivel chair to sit while you are in virtual reality.

Our Oculus Rift rental includes an Oculus Rift with two Touch Sensors, two Touch controllers, and a laptop. The laptop with Oculus pre-loaded can come with the games of your choosing. All of these experiences are considered Room Scale Virtual Reality.

Room Scale VR is a type of experience that allows you to physically move and often have the ability to pick-up objects in virtual reality. Today, this requires a computer with a high-end graphics card and top of the line processor along with external sensors and controllers. Our room-scale rentals (Oculus Rift rental) include everything you need.

How are your prices much lower than your competitors?
We target our daily rental price at 5-10% of the cost of ownership. There is no sense renting something for a week that you could have just bought for the same price (or even cheaper). For a week we target 25% of the ownership cost.

When you rent vr headset from us, our goal is that you get a lot of value for your rental including our assistance with set-up and on-site staffing to make your event amazing.

The biggest question to answer is whether your internet set-up can handle all of the devices. An off-the-shelf router can typically only handle 30 connections at a time whereas commercial ones can be configured to reach 250 at each access point. Please ask your IT administrator if you aren’t sure. If you don’t have an internet set-up that meets our requirements, please take a look at “What if we don’t have internet?”

How much does shipping cost?
We deliver and pick-up in San Francisco ($10), Palo Alto ($20), Oakland ($30), and San Jose ($40) - then we will deliver your rental directly to you.

We ship via all major carriers using ShipStation to get the best pricing available depending how quickly you need the headsets. For the packages that we cover the shipping cost, we typically ship via FedEx Ground. If you prefer that we put the shipping on your account, we are happy to accommodate you.

If we need to ship it to you, the shipping cost depends on what and how much you’re renting plus where it’s going. An Oculus Go is smaller and lighter than the Oculus Rift rental, but quantity matters as well. We’re based in the Bay Area, so shipping to NYC is more expensive than shipping to Houston.

What else does Visionary Rentals rent?
We rent the Oculus Go, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Vive Pro, Gear VR, VR Laptops, and other VR hardware.

In addition, we rent 50” HD TVs, 40” HD TVs, and other electronic equipment for general use and conference rentals in the Bay Area.

Can I customize my own vr rental package?
Of course. We are happy to discuss what you’re looking for and tailor a vr headset rental package to your needs.

How does a vr rental work?
Tell us that you would like to rent virtual reality headset by sending us a message in the contact section. Or calling us. Or sending us an email.

We’ll finalize your rental by determining what you’re hoping to do with the headsets and then customize the quantity, type, and on-site staff to your specific needs.

Once we’re all set, we’ll send you a Square invoice for payment and get your vr headset rental in progress.

This process can go as quickly as you’d like (depending on complexity) or as slow as you need - in case you’re just looking for a quote.

How does Visionary Rentals keep the vr headset clean?
We use Purrell wipes in between rentals, and we encourage the use cleaning wipes during the rental by including cleaning wipes.

What insurance do you have?
Visionary Rentals has Worker’s Comp, Commercial Generality Liability, and E&O insurance policies, and we’re happy to work in any venues that require proof of such insurance.

Where is Visionary Rentals Based?
We are based in the Bay Area serving San Francisco, Oakland, Palo Alto, San Jose, and everything in between.

Will you bring VR to me?
Yes! We are based in San Francisco, and we deliver to San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose for events (extra for rentals). We're US-based so traveling and shipping equipment in the US is not an issue. If you want us to travel internationally, we’d need to check on customs and shipping costs. Send us a message in the contact section. Or calling us. Or sending us an email.

Additional Services

Synchronized Screenings

Virtual Reality 360 movies are stunning, and a synchronized screening allows your entire audience to enjoy the experience at the same time. We provide the synchronized screening hardware, software, and set-up on top of all the equipment and labor. All for an afforable price.

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On-Site Labor / Support

Our team of professionals will set-up and manage your event for you to maximize your experience. Virtual Reality is a new technology for most people, so there's often something that requires troubleshooting. Especially for high volume events. We're here to help.

$100/hr | Based in Bay Area

What We Do

We rent and sell Virtual Reality rigs.

We are here to make your Virtual Reality experience flawless and amazing, whether you just learned about VR and want to try it out for a few days, are looking for a fun and interactive party addition, or showcasing your latest experience to 200+ people.

We're located in the San Francisco Bay Area and happy to make local deliveries or provide demos. We ship our VR Rigs anywhere in the US. We also customize your VR experience with top-notch service. Have a question? We offer 24/7 support during rentals.

Let us know what you have in mind, and we'll find a way to make it happen.